CC&R’s? Architectural Approval Process? Bylaws? Annual Dues?

Q:  Where can I get financial documents?

A:  You can request documents from our HOA Financial Manager. Archives (2020 and older) are available on this site with a password.  Reach out to the board for the password.

Q: How much are the HOA fees and when are they payable?

A: SRHOA homeowner association fees are $230 annually. Dues notices go out in January of each calendar year and are payable by February 1st. Penalties and interest accrue against late payments.

Q:  I am planning to paint my house, what do I need to do?

A:  Please submit the Architectural Review Committee form to all board members (emails on home page), which is downloadable as a PDF from the Documents page on this website.

Q:  I am planning to replace my fence and/or redesign my yard. Do I need to fill out the Architectural Review Form?

A:  Yes. Also, you may email the board to discuss your plans.